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Check out our special on Microdermabrasion. Start the new year feeling fresh and radiant. Facial cosmetic procedures have never been more affordable!  More information on how microdermabrasion can help make your face look more healthy and youthful is on our webpage.


We will be holding our first facial rejuvenation event. We invite all to attend. This will be at a special introductory price. Drs. Mullendore and Von Kaenel will be administering Botox and Maria Ellars (Advanced Cosmetologist) will be performing Dermaplanes and Microdermabrasion. Smooth Away Wrinkles and look younger! See our Flyer for Details!  Botox EventOCT17

Day of Free Dentistry

Each year we work with Dr. Tracy Murray and Dr. Hal Jeeter in Portsmouth, OH to provide dental care to those who otherwise may not get treated. These people typically have no insurance or just cannot afford dental care even with insurance. This Day of Free Dentistry was started 10 years ago by Dr. Tracy Murrary’s. This year was Dr. Mullendore’s 5th year in attendance. While Dr. Von Kaenel has only recently aided in the efforts in Portsmouth he previously helped other organizations by donating his time in the Newark area. At East Columbus Oral Surgery Specialists we believe in patient care first. We intentionally set our fees with those who do not have insurance in mind. We encourage those in this situation to get a second opinion with us so we can show you how much you can save! We know we will also save you money because of our large number of in-network insurances we also accept. In the end, however, what really makes us stand out is our great relationships and bedside manner. Please call and give us an opportunity to show you why our practice is growing so quickly!

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Have you ever wanted to look 10 years younger? Botox may be able to help you. Botox is a temporary and long lasting solution to wrinkles of aging. This may seem like an oxymoron, but it is true. The active effects of Botox is about 3-4 months, but the long lasting decrease in wrinkles can be for a long time. Botox not only works to paralyze the muscles that causes wrinkles as we get older but it also helps to atrophy or decrease their size. Over time this will decrease their ability to create these wrinkles. Of course, the effects are different for every individual. Ask us about Botox and come see how you can look younger in just days.

Andrew Mullendore DDS, MD

Any Questions

I am looking for any ideas for a future blog. If you have any questions or just want more information please let me know here or on Facebook! Hope everyone has a great weekend! Can’t wait for warm weather. Also, just a FYI. Summer is fast approaching. If you are looking to get wisdom teeth out (or any procedure) and want to have it done in the summer please contact us and set up a consultation appointment and reserve your surgery date. This is the most popular time to get wisdom teeth out and spots will fill up.


One of the biggest myths about wisdom teeth extraction is timing. When should wisdom teeth be removed? I have had countless parents/patients say to me, “but isn’t she/he too young”. Treatment of any medical condition should not be based on age alone. Can you imagine a physician saying “he is too young to have high blood pressure so we won’t treat it”. This would never happen! Everyone is different, not only in life, but also in tooth development. In our opinion, the most important factors to determine when to have wisdom teeth removed is evidence of clinical/radiographic pathology, symptoms, and prevention of complications of removal. Having wisdom teeth removed is not without risk, so prevention of complications is very important. At East Columbus Oral Surgery Specialists, prevention of complications is just as important to us as treating and eliminating symptoms created by wisdom teeth. This means we remove the wisdom teeth independent of chronologic age. We remove them based on what is referred to often as “dental age”. That is the developmental maturity of the teeth, not how old someone happens to be. Removing the wisdom teeth before the root growth is extremely close to the Inferior Alveolar Nerve (the nerve that runs closely to the tooth in the bone) is very important. This is different in everyone and can even be different in siblings! To summarize, we treat the individual. Treatment is independent of norms, old wives tales, and opinions. Our treatment is based on science, research, and many years of experience removing wisdom teeth safely without complications.
Finally, inquire about how we can save you potentially hundreds if not thousands of dollars. We are in-network with most insurances, this means you only pay what your insurance does not. You only pay the insurance companies fee schedule. Additionally, many out-of-network providers make patients pay the entire amount upfront and then the insurance reimburses them for the insurance portion weeks to months later. Here you pay only your portion and we wait on the insurance company to pay the difference. We not only care about your oral health but also your financial health!

Doctors Andrew Mullendore and Douglas Von Kaenel

First Blog

Social media here we are! We will be posting information periodically to provide information, not only about ourselves, but also to help stimulate thought on oral health. We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

Our New Blog!

Our blog has recently been set up. Please check back soon!