Expose and Bond w/ Bracket and or Chain

This procedure is always done in conjunction with orthodontic treatment and an orthodontic appliance (braces).  When a tooth fails to erupt properly it is called impacted.  When teeth are significantly impacted and the tooth is a very desirable tooth to retain, and not simply extract, forced eruption is sometimes performed.  This involves an incision and bone removal to locate the impacted tooth.  A bracket with a very small chain attached to it is bonded (just like your other braces brackets are) to the tooth.  The chain is then secured to one of the existing brackets on your teeth.  The orthodontist then applies a controlled force with springs, rubber bands or other appliance to gently and slowly pull the tooth into the mouth and proper position.  This process can take up to several months to achieve.  Some teeth are exposed in a similar manner but only a bracket is placed without a chain.  All of this depends on the tooth involved and the location of the tooth. 

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